Alcoa Foundation & Colorado School of Mines - Recycling, Solid Waste and Public Policy

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Issues of municipal solid waste and recycling touch on all aspects of the Colorado School of Mines’ mission. The earth provides the resources for production of the consumer goods we use every day, energy is used in production and transportation processes, and the environment is impacted by both the production of these goods as well as the choices we make regarding their ultimate fate as waste or recycled material. Thanks to a generous donation from the Alcoa Foundation, faculty and graduate students from the Division of Economics and Business are undertaking a multi-year research project to explore the intersection between public policy and waste and recycling.

The Recycling, Solid Waste, and Public Policy Research Project has continued into its second year of research. Hidemichi Yonezawa and Dr. Ed Balistreri are investigating the impact of carbon pricing on aluminum production and recycling. Kaylee Acuff and Dr. Dan Kaffine are tackling the issue of greenhouse gas externalities and optimal recycling policies. Brian Batson and Dr. Rod Eggert are focusing on trends in generation and recovery of municipal solid waste. Dr. Kaffine, and Dr. Michael Heeley are looking at drivers of recycling innovation. It is hoped that the outputs from these projects will provide industry and policymakers with new insights and policy guidance in the selection of waste and recycling management approaches. The Division appreciates the research opportunity from the Alcoa Foundation.

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